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📰 Perspectives
Let’s Talk About Scale

Accel Insights

Vertical SaaS Sales done right — from 0 to 2500 customers.

Kima Ventures

Entrepreneur = DO


The Letter of Intent Fallacy


Why Don’t VCs Ever Respond?


If you want my money, make me jealous.


The View of a Realistic Optimist


A Seed Fund’s Investment Checklist

Upside Partnership

The Coming Shift in Enterprise Software

Upfront Insights

Lessons hard learnt about the startup design process

At the Front Line

The Foundation of Product-led Growth: Create Products Customers Love


Don’t wait for a promotion. Promote yourself.

G20 Ventures

Risky assumptions and Experiments, where do I start?


How much should you raise? An economic approach

Otium Capital

The Acqui-Fundraise Hybrid Round

Toba Capital

The 5 Step Framework For Gaining Traction

Humble Ventures

Your First Marketing Hire

Costanoa Ventures

Intuitive Design vs. Shareable Design

Greylock Perspectives

The Lifecycle of Lead Generation Channels

Point Nine Land

What Founders Should Expect from Pre-Seed Investors

Buzz by Bee Partners

Investing with a new purpose.

RRE Blog

10x Not 10%

GV Library

Tips for Winning a Startup Competition

Qualcomm Ventures

Advice on raising venture capital funding from outside Silicon Valley

Battery Ventures

How startups should think about marketing

Foundation Capital

The Shape Of The Curve

Foundation Capital

Shattering the Myth of the Prototypical Salesperson

Lightspeed Venture Partners

7 Rookie Mistakes to Avoid in Your Pitch

Think with Bessemer Venture Partners

The Future of Human and Artificial Intelligence

Anatomy of Next

Great Teams in Great Markets

Blackbird Ventures

Why Your Investor Might Pass On Your Next Fund

Sapphire Ventures Perspectives

The Power of Brutal Honesty

Collaborative Fund


Aleph Venture Capital

Ask a VC

SoGal AdVentures

How to be the CEO of Growth.

Insight Venture Partners

Are you sure you have Product Market Fit?

Notion Capital

What Makes a Good Pitch Deck?

Project A Insights

What Makes a Good Pitch Deck?

Project A Insights

What Your Opportunity Slide Is Missing — Make Investors Believe

Matrix Partners Viewpoints

Speed Can Kill: the Importance of Process for Hardware


The Disappearing Act (aka The Worst Way of Saying No)

Notation Capital

The product is the company

Balderton Capital

SaaS Financial Plan 2.0

The Angel VC

When To Increase Your SaaS Startup's Burn

Tomasz Tunguz

Get Your Metrics Together

Feld Thoughts

This Is How Long Your Cold Call Intro Email to Me Should Be…

Backstage Capital

Here’s a Guide to Startup Compensation Strategies

Hunter Walk

The Unconventional Wisdom in The Dollar Shave Club Exit

Semil Shah

Hurdles in building a marketplace

Katie Bolin

How to Decrease the Odds That Your Startup Fails

Both Sides of the Table

You don’t need a growth hacker

Andrew Chen

Founder Roles

Elad Gil

Busy, but not productive

Satya Patel

Niche to Win, Baby.

500 Hats

HyperScience and the Enterprise AI Opportunity

Matt Turck

Hire the trajectory, not the status

Berlin VC

Investing in dots, not lines

Euro VC

Read less about startups

Euro VC

Founder-friendly investors — misconceptions and truths

BZ Notes

Founders: Keep your eyes on the prize…your users

Blake Robbins |

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Startup Library by YCombinator
Lowercase Alpha
The State of European Tech by Atomico
KPCB Internet Trends
Spark Capital Sessions
Sequoia Build
Venture Hacks by AngelList
Greylock Partners Blitzscaling
The Future of Car Sharing by Collaborative Fund
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